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Friday, June 10, 2011

Create a Car ~Review~

The creator of this app is the same as Math BINGO and Word BINGO This app is one of the apps that is just FUN! It has a simple design. It is similar to the Create a Car activity from the ABCya! website, but my students and I (and my own kids for that matter) found this app to be easier to navigate than the website. The app allows for multiple users to save information (5 in all). Users are asked to sign in or play as a guest. Users are first asked to "choose your ride". A choice of over 30 vehicle bodies are displayed from a police car to a school bus to something resembling a Smart Car. After a body is chosen, the user is given a choice of options to add onto car: wheels, engine, power tools, fun stuff, etc. The options are accessed by touching on a small square, but it isn't clearly marked as the option for parts which caused some confusion during the first couple times. Once a car is made, you have the option of saving it. To retrieve it, the user must access "My Garage". In here, there is a key button that starts and stops the vehicle, information button (which allows user to name, discription of vehicle, and lists special features), email picture of your car, edit your car, or delete it. The students liked the options and were very engaged while creating their car.

Additional IEP applications
Basically, I used this app for fun, getting user familiar with the touchscreen of the ipad, and as a reinforcing activity after another task was completed. However, it could be easily adapted to integrate it into IEP goals. Create a Car lends itself to working on basic concepts such as color and numbers. Initially, I wasn't aware of the information button in the "My Garage" section. That section would be great as a writing prompt. An individual could create a car, then use the information section as a guide to write about the car. Lastly, I could see this app (as well as the website) being used with a student to increase communication. Options could be presented to student (pictures of body type, wheels, etc.) and student would choose options.

A few suggestions for this app:
  1. Since this app is in my "fun" catagory, I could see students using this app on there own. It would be great if there was an option for the student to have the directions read to them, if touched.
  2. While in the create a car area, I think it would be helpful to place a word in the purple box with lines that allows you to change options. I think that either the word ADD or changing the color of box to green might help facilitate the idea that it is the option button.

In conclusion, this app is fun and engaging for both students and adults. The graphics are nice. The idea of creating his/her own car is a kids dream and the options to add onto each are can really give the imagination a workout. I could see this being an effective app for so many ages. It is one that my husband and son enjoy playing together as well. For $0.99, this app is well worth the purchase, especially as we head into vacation season.This $0.99 app will get you some quiet time in the car which could be priceless.

developer: ABCya!
website: http://www.abcya.com/
itunes: Create a Car
category: Education
recently updated: March 21, 2011

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