Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sharing the LOVE!

My starry night creation
About a month ago, I attended a painting night for the alumnae of my high school. It was a fundraiser for an organization that brings art to people who would not ordinarily have access to such activities. The person "instructing" us, Sarah, runs the organization called Art For All People. (If you have a minute or two, please check out the great work that her organization does.) She took us step by step through the process of creating our own painting. Although I was nervous and very unsure of my ability to follow her simple directions, I was impressed with the outcome. The subtle similarities and delicate differences in each of the canvases were pretty amazing. I was brave enough to share my painting (Look to the right!) and I hope my friend doesn't mind me sharing her work as well! (Scroll down to the bottom for our picture. I will also share my second painting completed through a fundraiser for this organization.)

I was inspired by her story and what her organization does. My creative spirit was sparked and the students (and you) reaped the benefits!! I hoped you enjoyed our creations to speed a little LOVE at Valentine's Day!

Here are a couple examples of the Valentine's Day paintings that the students did. The students painted with minimal assistance. (We were using acrylic paints so we offered a little help to keep everyone clean.) The students chose either the word LOVE or a heart shape as their main focus. The word or shape was "written" with painters tape. The students used white, purple, and white to cover the canvas with valentine colors.

To add some color contrast, a small red heart decoration was added as well the work love to the heart painting. (Mrs. B added this detailing to complete the picture.)

The students LOVED the activity and many thought they were 'real artists' because they were using a paint pallet and canvas. We hope you enjoy our online gallery!

Here was my second painting attempt. I am pretty pleased with this one, but I REALLY love the starry night one. I proudly display the starry night painting in the classroom. I hope that you display your child's LOVE painting with pride as well!


Two of the over 50 attendees at the Starry painting night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Super Bowl and New Year's Resolutions

I usually don't do too much with Super Bowl activities in the classroom, but this year News2You dedicated a paper to the Super Bowl. We decided to use that as a basis for a lesson on voting, learning a little about football, and of course, making a Super Bowl snack. 

The classroom voted 12 to 1 for the Seahawks to win. As we know, that didn't go so well. Here are a couple pictures of our Super Bowl snack. We made fruit dip (following the recipe from News2You….We added cinnamon to the recipe you will find through the link.) 

We loved the fruit dip and apples!

Some of us liked the fruit dip MORE than the apples!

As part of our All About Me lesson, the students made New Year's resolutions about something they would like to learn how to do 'all by myself'. Here are a couple examples of our writing activity and the resolutions the students chose.

Until next time….

Monday, February 23, 2015

January(a little late)…we explored snow without a snowflake in sight!

So during the second week in January, we explore World Snow Day! We talked about snow, we made 'fake' snow, and we made a 'snow' drink….without a flake of snow to be seen. In hindsight, this unit would have been better suited for the second week of February!!

Here are some pictures of our SNOW activities….

Our homemade snow globes (actually snow baggies)

Mixing our fake snow (see about for website recipe)

Still mixing our fake snow 

We used our blender, powerlink, and switch so everyone had a turn to mix up the snow drink. We made lemonade and fruit punch. The students LOVED it and everyone had seconds!!
Enjoying a 'snow' drink

MMMM, yummmm!

Enjoying a 'snow' drink….he tried it and liked it!!

Stay warm…..and check back this week for our super bowl treats, our valentine's day masterpieces, and an exciting announcement about our Donors Choose project (hint, we had a project funded!!)!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

One of my resolutions is to get better about posting more frequently the things we are learning about in class. My goal would be to post at least once a month. (Fingers crossed)

The Elephant Sanctuary

This week in social studies/science, we have been learning about an Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (thanks to the News2You newspaper this week). We worked on the vocabulary related to the story (elephant, habitat, caretakers, home) as well as discussed where we live (Ohio) versus where the sanctuary is (Tennessee).

Today, the students completed an elephant craft which they LOVED doing. We incorporated identifying body parts as well. Here are a couple pictures from out fun today.

Z adding the elephant eyes.

S adding the elephant eyes.

The finished herd of elephants!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Parent Information Night for Special Education

IEP/ETR Questions? 
Want to meet other parents walking the same journey as you?

Come learn about IEP’s, ETR’s, Testing and Transition Planning and more! 

Come to this informational night to learn more about what is available to you as a parent of a child with disabilities. Learn to advocate for your child and get your questions answered. This event is open to any parent of a child with a disability in The Princeton City Schools.

The meeting will be held on November 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Princeton High School in the Student Dining Area.

A light dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. and childcare will be provided.

To register for childcare and dinner, please contact Janet Maine, Parent Mentor at 864-1112 or jmaine@princetonschools.net  Come Join Us!!