“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-- Ignacio Estrada

App Information for the iDevices

When I spoke at several conferences over the past year, people always ask me about lists of apps or reviews of apps that were already compiled. Through my web searching, I have found many review sites which, in turn, I have shared a few here in some of the other sections of this blog. Continue to check this tab for information regarding apps for the iDevices, especially apps for the iPad.

Elementary iPad Integrated Lessons

Apps for Older Students to Enhance Language and Learning Skill

Great info: App-A-Day by Morgan Kolis

Cindy L. Meester's Blog, SLP with a great page of info on iDevices, also sharing some amazing speech ideas so check out the rest of her site
As I talk with individuals (both in person and though a variety of online connections) about apps and assistive technology, the most frequent question is "is there one place that I can look and see information about apps?" I have mentioned a few in previous posts in this section. Thanks to my connections at Spectronics (serving Australia and New Zealand) here is a list put together by Jane Farrell (AAC Support Services Manager -Speech Pathologist). Here is an iphone/ipad list of AAC apps: http://www.spectronicsinoz.com/article/iphoneipad-apps-for-aac.

Spectronics also posted a wiki by several SLPs (one being Caroline Musslewhite who I have read several of her writings over the years in my assistive technology classes). The wiki lists apps in categories: COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE APPS, READING, WRITING APPS, MATH APPS, ART / CREATIVITY APPS, MUSIC APPS, GAMES / SOCIAL APPS, MOTOR APPS, CVI APPS, ACCESSIBILITY APPS, DATA COLLECTION. Visit the SpedApps2 wiki for a wealth of information about apps!

A website you definitely need to bookmark is Digital Storytime. They offer app reviews of the best children's book apps as well as the itunes link for the app to make purchasing easy. Be sure to stop by their DEALS section. (I would suggest stopping by often.) This is where they list special pricing deals for apps, usually several are listed as FREE. You can also find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digital.storytime or follow them on twitter: @iPad_storytime

If you do the facebook thing, this is a great group to join.

iTeach Special Education - iDevices in Special Education This group is a very active support network for those using iOS devices and apps in special education. We welcome any special education/general education/inclusion teachers, program specialists, administrators, service providers (SLP/OT/PT), AT consultants/specialists, ABA therapists, parents, students, as well as app developers!

This was sent to me as an email attachment on April 27, 2011. It is from ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners (April 18, 2011).  It is a pdf file listing of APPS for the CLASSROOM. It is set up as a chart with the headers: Application, Description, Skill(s). Check out  App Chart