“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-- Ignacio Estrada

Monday, April 9, 2012

Learning about the Zoo

Used with CC permission- Flickr user info

With the return from spring break, we will start with a Zoo theme. Here a list of web resources that we will be using during this theme as well as resources that may be of interest to students at home. I will also be posting some of the activities as we complete them in class. If you have any pictures from recent trips to the zoo, please send them in or email them to me. It would be a great way for us to begin discussing the zoo as well as help with generalizing of information.

The National Zoo
The Cincinnati Zoo
Auckland Zoo (New Zealand)
The San Diego Zoo
The Australian Zoo
Put Me in the Zoo webquest
School Zoo Adventure webquest
Dear Zoo webquest
Online Zoo Field Trips by Scholastic
National Geographic Kids - Creature Feature

A few You Tube Videos about the zoo (I have previewed the videos and at the time of post, they were appropriate for student viewing. Please be sure to supervise your child's online time as videos can be changed at anytime.)
The Kids ABC's At The Zoo
We Are Going to the Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo Tube - Cincinnati Zoo You Tube Channel
Emperor Penguins (BBC video)
African Elephant Family in Dessert

SchoolTube Videos (To use when creating our Glog)
African Elephant
African Elephant
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin BBC
Kangaroo - Katherine's Kangaroo project
My Pet Kangaroo
Mr. Giraffe poem
My Pet Giraffe

iPad apps
Amazing Zoo - interactive book
Peek-a-Zoo - great for cause/effect
Guess This Animal - animal facts and guessing game
Pocket Zoo
Photo Touch Zoo

FREE iBooks

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Education Resources

I had the opportunity to host a Facebook chat as part of Technology in (SPL) Education's celebration of Autism Awareness Month. I hosted a discussion on special education while my Cleveland counterpart, Morgan Kolis (@room5friends), fielded questions and facilitated a discussion around IEPs.

Here are some resources mentioned throughout out discussions. Keep in mind these resources are posted for your information. They are not necessarily recommended my Morgan or myself. J

Discussion about IEPs:
- Re: a question about beginning writing with a child with CP who has limited hand control – Abilitations Integrations AbiliGrip Foam Holders
- Re: An IEP for a student with apraxia- “Apraxia-KIDS”
- Re: An IEP for a student with apraxia- “Working on Reading Comprehension…”
- Re: Questions about IDEA – Ohio’s Whose IDEA Is This? from June 2010
- Re: Conversation about transitions- “Transition to Middle School”
- Re: Specially Designed Instruction – “Examples of Good IEP Content”

Discussion on Special Education:
- For SMART Board Users- SMART Exchange
- For Resources from Starfall- Make a Calendar
- For wording at an IEP meeting- iAdvocate App
- For great blogs- Broxterman’s Bugle
- For great technology in special education- Teaching with Technology 2.0
- For IEP Accommodations and Modifications- A List of Typical Special Ed. Accommodations
- For more accommodations and modifications- Effective Accommodations for IEPs
- For even more – Special Education Terminology
- For programs/products that help differentiate- Learning A-Z
- For inclusion resources- “Re-Imagining Inclusive Supports”
- ShowMe Interactive App for the iPad- ShowMe Tutorial
- More Inclusive Ideas- Include. Belong. Learn.
- For materials- Making Learning Fun and KidsSoup
- For more materials- Childcare Land and Pre-School Printables
- For an Awesome Web Browser just for our kiddos- ZAC Browser
- Free Teaching Resources- Learning Page
- For a Special Education Resource- TinSnips
- A great collection of resources for autism- Positively Autism
- The book Tuesday by David Weisner- Tuesday
- Another web site- ABCmouse
- More resources- File Folder Heaven
- UDL/ Differentiation – UDL Bookbuilder
- For info. about Puberty, etc.- Puberty, Sex Ed. and the Child with Special Needs
- Visual Recipes from Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs
- Another website – sqworl
- To use flash on the iPad- Use Rover.

*This list was used with permission from MKolis.