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Monday, May 23, 2011

Math BINGO ~Review~

Check out the ABCya! website for great online games. I have tried several in my special education classroom as well as used some of the KDG and 1st grade activities within the Kindergarten classroom. Most have worked well with the SMARTboard (interactive whiteboard).

This app uses the simple concept of a BINGO game to reinforce math facts. The app gives the options to choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as a mixed operation option. There are 3  level selection. The app allows for up to 5 players to be saved with ability to play as guest. Math problem is given (ex. 4+1=__) along with a grid of numbers (AKA bingo board). The user is expected figure out the answer and touch correct number on grid. The user is continually given math problems until they get a BINGO. The user gets points for correct answer and for speed with deduction taken for incorrect responses. Once you get a BINGO, a score is given and user wins BINGO bugs. I have to admit that I was a little confused at first about the BINGO bugs. As I explore the app, I found it has a very nice "How to" section that explained the game. After I read the section, navigating the game was much easier. I did find that directions were geared more towards older students and adults. Once BINGO bugs are earned, the user can use them to play BINGO bungee game. The object of BINGO bungee is to shoot bingo bug via sling shot to collect the most coins. Game points are listed on a score board . Within the score board, individual student's "high" scores can be viewed as well a high scoreboard for all students. The view all students option is nice for when multiple users may be using the same iPad.

Additional IEP applications
This app is great for reinforcing basic math skills. I used it to work on addition and subtraction skills with both Kindergarten students with and without IEPs. It is a great way to have students show you what they know but taking off the pressure of giving a verbal answer. I was able to sit near student, he could complete the problems while I simply watched (and documented) his responses. It made the assessment task much more fun for all involved. I also could see using it to work on number identification. The teacher could help facilitate the answer, then ask student to find that number. Again, working on receptive language.

I do have a few of suggestions that would make this app more even more appealing:
  1. The music during the introduction time is a little overstimulating, especially to someone who might be sensitive to sounds. I used the mute button or turned down volume, but it would nice to have option to turn on/off.
  2. In a classroom setting, I could see this app being used; however, the ability to add more than 5 users would be helpful in accommodating classrooms where only and iPad or 2 are available.
  3. It would also be helpful for the directions to be read aloud, if needed.

In conclusion, Math BINGO is a great and fun way to reinforce the math facts. It provides a way to assess students without asking them to write an answer or verbally give the number which is often a struggle for students with special needs. I could see this app being used 1-1 as well as with 1-3 students. With $0.99 price tag, this app is a "must have" when teaching and reinforcing the basic facts.

developer: ABCya!
website: http://www.abcya.com/
itunes: Math BINGO
category: Education
recently updated: Math: Feb, 2011

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