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Monday, May 23, 2011

Word BINGO ~Review~

This app is set up very similar to Math BINGO. It uses the simple concept of BINGO to reinforce sight words. The app gives the options to choose various levels of sight words (pre-primer through third grade). Once a level is chosen, the next option is to choose a game: word bingo or spelling practice. In word bingo, a word is spoken while a grid of words are displayed (AKA bingo board). The user is expected to recognize word, find it within the bingo board, and touch correct box. The user is continually given words until they get a BINGO. Wrong answers are displayed at bottom. The user gets points for correct answer. Once you get a BINGO, a score is given and user wins BINGO bugs. Once BINGO bugs are earned, the user can use them to play game additional games. I have to admit, we often didn't get time to "play" with the bugs. Spelling practice is for working on spelling the words correctly. It can be customized to show letter "hints" where students match the letters or without "hints" so just the mixed up letters in the work are shown. With the spelling practice section, I really liked how each time the letter was touched, it spoke the letter. Bonus games were given if you spelled 10 words correctly. After games are played, the app will generate a "report card" so that you can view how well the student did on each of the activities.

Additional IEP applications
There are so many IEP application for this app above the basic sight word reinforcement. The BINGO section can be used to assess students word recognition in a 'fun' way aside from flash cards or simple text. The spelling section could be used when working on letter identification and matching letters. The natural set up of the app (first work, then a 'game') allows for a built in reinforcer to complete the task so that they can play.

The app, unlike the Math BINGO, has a section for game settings. This allows for control of sound and game setup (yeah!), that was not available with the math one. The "How to" section is a little easier to read, but still having a 'read me' for the directions may be helpful. A couple other options:
  1. When wrong word is touched on Bingo board, I found that the students often wanted to get a second chance and touch the correct word. This often lead to another incorrect answer because they were then answer a question behind. If possible, it would be nice if once a word was wrong, that the correct word would get highlighted on board so students could get that reinforcement. I know that this kind of doesn't work with the whole true BINGO experience and it may also not work for scoring. It would help reinforce the correct responses. I know my students would find that helpful.
  2. I like the game setting features; however, it would be great if those features could be saved under each student profile. This way the app would already be set up to go from student to student without an adult having to change the settings.

In conclusion, Word BINGO is a great and fun way to teach and reinforce the sight words. The customizable options allows you to differentiate; however, the options are not user specific. They apply to the whole app. Word BINGO provides a way to assess students word recognition without asking them to say a word. With $0.99 price tag, this app is a fun and engaging way when teaching and reinforcing the basic facts either 1-1 or with a small group of students.

developer: ABCya!
website: http://www.abcya.com/
itunes:  Word BINGO
category: Education
recently updated: Word BINGO March, 2011

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