“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-- Ignacio Estrada

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Global Read Aloud ~ Week 1 Review

Abilipad screenshot
This past week was the official beginning of the Global Read Aloud event. We reviewed Chapters 1-4 as we had started reading the book a little ahead of schedule. As we reviewed the chapters, we also discussed the characters and settings again. The students then chose their favorite character from the first four chapters. On Wednesday, the students colored in their favorite character and practiced reading the sentence "My favorite character in Charlotte's Web is [insert character]." using a variety of AAC options to read the sentence. The students had the option of using a Big Mack (single message voice output device) and an iPad using 2 voice output apps: Answers Yes/No and Abilipad

Answers Yes/No screenshot

On Friday (after an initial Skype malfunction on Thursday), Room 220 was about to video conference with our Room 5 Friends from Cleveland. This was the first time we were successful at "Skyping" another classroom. I think the students were a little taken back by the fact that we were looking into another classroom on the SmartBoard, but on the whole they did well. Each student had a chance to tell their favorite character and we also exchanged a couple of other questions, such as if we were enjoying the book and what's the weather like.

Who is your favorite character in Charlotte's Web?? Please leave your answer in the comments section! It would be also great if you left your location so that we can see who has been visiting and reading our posts.

Check out our pictures of your favorite characters. 

HM chose Wilbur, KB chose the goose

DJ chose Wilbur, AH chose Mr. Arable, IH chose the goose


  1. Thanks for Skyping with us! It was our first Skype session this year, and although my guys had some difficulty sitting in their chairs, I think they really liked it! Your kids did great and I loved the way they all used AAC to chat with us! Thanks for all you have shared with us so far too! We're jumping in to chapter 5 tomorrow!

  2. Love this! (reporting in from Virginia)