“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-- Ignacio Estrada

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Classroom Project


I was made aware of this contest. I am very excited to submit this entry into The Classroom Project. Thank you to UCS Rossier Online for the opportunity to enter my wonderful students into this  contest!

The funds being offered through The Classroom Project would provide me with the needed funds to create accessible learning materials for my special education classroom. Each school year, I start with a different mix of students. Some students have backgrounds full of experiences and sometimes there school experience begins with me. Each year, I try my hardest to make his or her school experience meaningful for each student. Often this means adapting and modifying toys, books, and a host of other school materials to help accommodate the unique needs of the students. These modifications require supplies that I often purchase out of my own pocket because many times the items don't fit into an expense category within the school budget. In addition to these supplies, we also participate in various cooking activities throughout the year. The cooking supplies and materials are also out-of-pocket, but the experiences of these cooking activities are priceless.

My classroom is deserving of these funds because they are an amazing group of students who give 110% in everything they do. The students enjoy exploring and learning and any time I can support this, I do. As an educator, I have realized that the best ideas are to be shared. This was one of the reasons I started the classroom blog a couple year ago. If we were lucky enough to be awarded funds from The Classroom Project, I would be to sure to share about our purchases, creations, and learning with the world.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Feel free to explore the blog as it is a small glimpse into our wonderful classroom. Here are just a few pictures that show our unique, colorful, exciting classroom projects!

Learning to work together and help our friends

Introduction to watercolors and they fell in LOVE!
Practicing a little stringing beads

Showing off our cat masks we made as a part of the Global Read Aloud author study of Eric Carle

One of our many cooking activities - making applesauce for Johnny Appleseed's birthday

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