“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-- Ignacio Estrada

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Special Education Resources

I had the opportunity to host a Facebook chat as part of Technology in (SPL) Education's celebration of Autism Awareness Month. I hosted a discussion on special education while my Cleveland counterpart, Morgan Kolis (@room5friends), fielded questions and facilitated a discussion around IEPs.

Here are some resources mentioned throughout out discussions. Keep in mind these resources are posted for your information. They are not necessarily recommended my Morgan or myself. J

Discussion about IEPs:
- Re: a question about beginning writing with a child with CP who has limited hand control – Abilitations Integrations AbiliGrip Foam Holders
- Re: An IEP for a student with apraxia- “Apraxia-KIDS”
- Re: An IEP for a student with apraxia- “Working on Reading Comprehension…”
- Re: Questions about IDEA – Ohio’s Whose IDEA Is This? from June 2010
- Re: Conversation about transitions- “Transition to Middle School”
- Re: Specially Designed Instruction – “Examples of Good IEP Content”

Discussion on Special Education:
- For SMART Board Users- SMART Exchange
- For Resources from Starfall- Make a Calendar
- For wording at an IEP meeting- iAdvocate App
- For great blogs- Broxterman’s Bugle
- For great technology in special education- Teaching with Technology 2.0
- For IEP Accommodations and Modifications- A List of Typical Special Ed. Accommodations
- For more accommodations and modifications- Effective Accommodations for IEPs
- For even more – Special Education Terminology
- For programs/products that help differentiate- Learning A-Z
- For inclusion resources- “Re-Imagining Inclusive Supports”
- ShowMe Interactive App for the iPad- ShowMe Tutorial
- More Inclusive Ideas- Include. Belong. Learn.
- For materials- Making Learning Fun and KidsSoup
- For more materials- Childcare Land and Pre-School Printables
- For an Awesome Web Browser just for our kiddos- ZAC Browser
- Free Teaching Resources- Learning Page
- For a Special Education Resource- TinSnips
- A great collection of resources for autism- Positively Autism
- The book Tuesday by David Weisner- Tuesday
- Another web site- ABCmouse
- More resources- File Folder Heaven
- UDL/ Differentiation – UDL Bookbuilder
- For info. about Puberty, etc.- Puberty, Sex Ed. and the Child with Special Needs
- Visual Recipes from Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs
- Another website – sqworl
- To use flash on the iPad- Use Rover.

*This list was used with permission from MKolis.

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