“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
-- Ignacio Estrada

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lesson reflection...

Over the past few years especially, the push for teachers to reflect on lessons and teaching strategies has been a focus. Within my classroom, I am typically reflecting on what I could have done differently to make the lesson better. How could I have differentiated the lesson better? How could I have incorporated the students more? Could I have integrated technology within the lesson? Did each student have a "turn" to be a part of the lesson?

Well, today's lesson was kind of the opposite. It was planned to be a simple cut, color, fold, tape, and be done with the activity. (I am still working on assessing some of the basic skills as well as getting some IEP objective benchmarks for interims.) Today's activity went above and beyond what I had expected! First, all the students were fairly cooperative considering it was 2:15pm and they were starting to wind down for the day. Secondly, all the students completed the cut, color, and fold portion with minimal assistance. They needed a little more help with the taping portion, but hey, I needed a little help working the dispenser! What happened next was the unexpected part. As the tape was placed on the sides and the paper apple puppet was formed, all the students expressed (whether through words or actions) that there MUST be a puppet show. I (along with a para and a nurse) spent the next 10 minutes watching the students interact with each other and the puppets! I quickly set up Proloquo2Go on the iPad to the page of greetings. I had kids using there voice and kids using the iPad to interact as a puppet show. Along the way, I think one apple tried to scare me while another tried to kiss me on the cheek! Was there a script? NO. Where all 4 students engaged in the activity? YES. Had I planned this? NO WAY. I could not have structured such a spontaneous and appropriate interaction. Here is a glimpse into the Apple Puppet Show from Room 220.

Sorry it is a little blurry, but the apples wouldn't stay still long enough for a good picture!

Parents, hopefully your child was excited to show you your own puppet show.(Due to our schedule, not all the students were able to do this activity today. I hope to complete this with the rest of the students this week.)


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