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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Going to Bed Book ~Review~

Daddy and kids enjoying The Going to Bed Book
When my daughter (now almost 6 y/o *tear*) was a baby, I really wanted to have the "bedtime routine" thingy. You know..... that song that my daughter would one day sing to her kids, that story that my son would tell his kids as he snuggles on the couch. So when I found The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton, I was ecstatic. It was the perfect book for that prefect bedtime routine. We used the same board book (or chewable book as often affectionately call them) for both my daughter and my son (now almost 4). My husband and I can recite it in our sleep (and I'm pretty sure we have done that at some point!) and both of the kids have it memorized as well. Over the years we have lost the book, found the book, left it grandmas. We even left it at church and surprising it was still there the following week. We don't use it as part of our every night bedtime routine, but we still use it. So imagine my excitement when we found the The Going to Bed Book could be captured in our iPad. Ms. Boynton, if you happen to read this, thank you for writing simple, silly, and heartwarming children's books that will be enjoyed for years to come!

This app was my first exposure to Loud Crow Interactive and I was very impressed. I love how they created an interactive book, yet still stayed true to the board book feel of the original The Going to Bed Book. I think that the board book feel makes it even more enticing an a book app.
For those of you not familiar with the story, it is about a group of animal "friends" getting ready to go to bed and the activities they go through - take bath, brush teeth, find pajamas, etc. In this interactive book, each page presents with something different in which to interact. Some pages are just touch and see, other pages give you a clue to where to touch or what to do. My favorite page and interaction has to be what happens during the brush your teeth page...and no I'm not telling! OK, I'll give you a clue, it has something to do with turning on the hot water!
The book gives the option of having the story read to the user, compliments of "the big guy" or "I want to read it myself" which makes a nice option for all young readers. "The big guy's" voice is very pleasant and soothing, prefect for a relaxing bedtime story. The background music isn't too loud (has a in-book volume control too) and fits the story and bedtime theme well.

Additional IEP applications
I have no used this book with my students, but the interactive elements would be very engaging for them. I see this book working well with students who have physical limitation. The interactive features would work well with a couple of my students who have limited arm/hand movement. This app would be perfect when doing a unit on families or daily living skills.

I can't believe that I have not thought of a suggestion for this book! I usually can think of at least one thing. This book has all the aspects of an interactive book that I look for - highlighted text, read to me, and interaction with characters. After thinking long and hard, one thing that most interactive books lack, and this is no exception, is a section that would help facilitate comprehension. As a special education teacher, it would be nice to have a section to click on that would allow for questions and answers about the story. 

Even though this book has special meaning to my family, I would suggest this book to anyone who is looking for that special story to share with their young children. It is a simple read, easily memorized by all which is a great feature when you can't find the book or your toddler has deleted the app or your preschooler has hid your iPad. :-) For $2.99, this book is a must buy. If you grow to love this story as much as I do, I suggest buying a hard copy of the book because your not going to want to put your iPad in your child's memory box! You will want a hard copy for the memory box!

I have included a brief video showing this app in action. Enjoy!

Video obtained from Loud Crow Interactive website

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  1. Just love "Spot Goes to School" ..... well any Spot book really.... lift the flap books just add to the excitement of reading and sharing.... I would be happy with either book you are offering.... Thank - you

  2. I am coming to you via iTeach Special Education. Blue Hat, Green Hat is one of my (and my preschool students) favorites! They think it is a riot! I would love to get a code from you for that book so we can enjoy it on our new iPad.

  3. As a child I loved any Curious George book :) I would like a promo code for "Blue Hat, Green Hat", which I think my elementary autism class would really like! Thanks.

  4. I loved Green Eggs and Ham as well as the House that Jack Built. I suppose it's the rhyme and the prediction because those are the kinds of books I chose for my own kids. Have you read Drummer Hoff Fired it Off? We still giggle about those. I would love to have a code for either book but suspect that I would use Blue Hat, Green Hat more with my students.

  5. I would love to get a code for the Going To Bed book , if you have one. I think my daughter would really enjoy it. Thank You Tina tionataylor32@hotmail.com

  6. Thank you all for commenting and taking a visit to Teaching with Technology. Hope you stop back again soon! You should have received a facebook message from my regarding codes. If not, let me know!