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Friday, July 15, 2011

i Learn With Poko: Addition ~Review~

i Learn With Poko: Addition
This recently released app is another app from iLearnWith/TribalNova, same developers as iLearnWith Poko: season and weather and The Mighty Jungle: Animals.The set up of the app is very similar to Poko weather so my kids (ages 5 and 3) had no problems opening the app and getting started. ILW Poko: Addition consists of 3 levels, each level adjusts to the level of the user. Level 1 is a simple bowling activity introducing combining sets and number recognition up to 6. Poko and his friend throw ball and knock down pins. Users touch and count pins that were knocked down, then choose the correct number. Level 2 continues the combination of sets. If user is able to count 2 sets of blocks, it increases to three sets. With Levels 1 and 2, no addition symbols are used so the user is focused on grouping/counting the ideas NOT focused on the + or =. A great feature for the beginning mathematician! Level 3 adds the visuals of the addition symbol and equals sign. The user needs to help Poko clean up his toys by clicking on items he asks for. Once items are chosen, they move under the number sentence and corresponding number. The user is then asked to add the items together and choose correct number. If the user continues to get answers correct, the difficulty in this level increase to combining 3 sets (i.e., 3+2+4=__). Within each level, an "award" is given with the completion of a set number problems.The "reward" was a huge hit with my 5 y/o. A bonus for this app is that the users are able to touch the screen while counting items without disrupting the activity.

*This app got a thumbs up approval from both my 5 and 3 y/o so that is always a good sign!

Additional IEP applications
Poko: Addition has several IEP applications. Level 1 would be great to use when teaching and reinforcing 1-1 correspondence skills as well as number recognition. Level 2 could be easily incorporated into goals relating to 1-1 correspondence skills, combining sets up to 3 groups, and number recognition. Level 3 would be perfect for students who have mastered 1-1 correspondence and need to work on grouping sets and seeing the connection with the numbers and symbols.

It wouldn't be a proper review without a couple suggestions:
  1. For level 2, it would be helpful for the blocks would line up for easier counting. Then as the user gets answers correct and the sets increase to 3, the blocks shapes could mix up (some stacked and some straight).
  2. I'm not a fan of the "connect" option that is presented on the beginning screen. My students or own kids are the ones who use the app and they do not need access to either.

In conclusion, this is another great app from i Learn With/Tribal Nova. It could easily be utilized by ALL students in elementary classroom to teach and reinforce beginning addition concepts for grouping set and addition number sentences. This app could (and will) be utilized in both the intervention and general education settings. I would suggest this app is most appropriate for students working on a late preschool/Kindergarten skill level. My 3 year old had difficulty with levels 2 and 3. He did ok with level 1, but needed some guidance. My 5 (almost 6) y/o was able to complete all levels without an issue. I look forward to future apps from i Learn With/Tribal Nova.

** I have included a video from their website to show an example. This is my first attempt at embedding a video. I hope it goes well.**

developer: iLearn With
website: http://www.ilearnwith.com

itunes: I Learn With Poko: Additions
category: education
release date: July7, 2011

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