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-- Ignacio Estrada

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear mom/dad....

Another extension activity that I did with MeVille to WeVille was having the students compose a "note home". As a review of the feelings words, students were asked to write a note home regarding feeling and why they felt that way. I decided to make the note into a SMARTboard file, giving the students picture choices to finish the sentences. To some degree, it was "errorless" as most of the choice all make sense in the sentences. However, some of the options would not be appropriate for all students.

This group of pictures are of the blank pages of the note presented to the students on the SMARTboard. Students were expected to make a choice by sliding picture to the blank spot. Some students needed for assistance than others. The 2 students with Vanguard devices used eye gaze or arm movements to indicate choices between two and then used the device to make a choice of feeling. All other students were left to choose through SMARTboard, then asked to verbally tell/read sentences with model as needed.


The students all did an excellent job with the activity. Students' answers were very appropriate to the situation and feelings chosen. One student chose happy, then I went potty...we are in the process of potty training and she is SOOO proud of herself. Another student has been struggling with changes at home and allergies....this student chose sad, then I am at school.

Students: Great work today!
Parents: I hope you enjoyed the "notes home" today.


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