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-- Ignacio Estrada

Friday, March 18, 2011

Apps site - Moms With Apps


I just was introduced to a great blog/website (Thanks, Susan!). Self described on the website, 

Moms with Apps is a group of individual, independent, family-friendly developers who share best practices on making and marketing mobile apps. We are not a traditional app review site.

They have an app catalog on iTunes offering a variety of apps from fun apps to learning apps to parent apps. The website is organized by topic, such as APPS for reading, APPS for Special Needs, APPS for family fun. The best part is APP FRIDAY. This is where they offer free apps for one day only. If you are looking for some interesting apps and a site that gives some nice app descriptions (great to have before spending time downloading), check out moms with apps.

Today I downloaded MOM MAPS. It is an app that uses GPS to figure your current location, then plots "kids-friendly" locations (parks, indoor play areas, etc.) close to where you are located. This would be nice to have on vacation. Downside, internet access would be needed to fully access app.

~ MB

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